Saturday, January 12, 2008

January 12 of 12

It's time again for 12 of 12 started by Chad Darnell. You take 12 pictures of your day on the 12th day of the month, post them to your blog, and share the permalink with Chad.

Here goes:

11:30 am: The wetland behind my house. I got a late start today, sleeping in rather than going to zumba. This time of year, the wetland is usually frozen over, but we've had unseasonably warm temperatures, so it's all wet.

11:30-ish am: Our composters. We've had the black compost bin "cooking" for a couple of years.

11:45 am: I bought a couple of avocados last week to make guacamole, and have kept the seeds to try to grow avocado trees.

12:00 pm: An old warped piano bench my dad threw on our fire pit in the backyard.

12:15 pm: Toby playing with a squeaky toy.

12:15 pm: Andy checking out the neighborhood.

2:00 pm: We've started participating in 5 Rivers Metroparks "Hike for the Health of It" program. Today's hike was at Carriage Hill Metropark. This is the boardwalk on the pond, the beginning of our 3-mile hike today.

2:00-ish pm: The pond at Carriage Hill Metropark.

2:00-ish pm: The pond at Carriage Hill.

2:30 pm: Carriage Hill Metropark.

2:30 pm: Andy wearing his doggie pack during the Hike for the Health of It at Carriage Hill.

4:00 pm: My cousin Anna, Toby, and Andy post-hike.


Dogeared said...

What a lovely day for a hike, and in such picturesque surroundings :-)

Helen (Dogeared)

Poun said...

Carriage Hill looks beautiful !!
Pretty good day to go on a hike I'd say too ;-)
Love your dogs

Scooter said...

That park is gorgeous. I'll bet the birch trees in the wetland is pretty in the snow!!!

Pete said...

The hike definitely sounds like its worth it just to look at that beautiful countryside! Great pics!

Matt said...

Beautiful area for hiking. I'd love to see what it looks like in the different seasons. Gorgeous dogs, too!

Zippy said...

I, too, would love to see this park in different seasons. I bet it's beautiful all year round. Your dogs are so cute!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the doggies!!!! Great shots!

Hibe said...

Hello Elizabeth,
This is Hibe (aka Gary). I’m participating in the 12 of 12 challenge also. I have included in my 12 of 12 homepage a link to the page you listed with Chad. If this is not permissible with you, please email me or drop a comment at . Please feel free to post my link if you wish.

I had a bit of a walk yesterday too, although a bit more urban. Nice nature pics. Hope to see more next month.

Susan said...

looks like a wonderful hike and a wonderful day.

JPWK said...

I like the 2:30PM shot best given the contrast of the blue sky & blue jacket against the grain - pun acknowledged. Beautiful. Going through all fellow 12of12ers photos to see the world, and I find yours to have significant substance. Thanks. Jennica, Frederick, MD