Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times

I flew to Minnesota yesterday morning to visit my bff Amber and her husband Adam while her school is on Spring Break. After getting up at an obscene hour to catch my early early flight, I flew into Minneapolis/St. Paul. It snowed yesterday, and we decided to say stay in town at the Mall of America. It was such a trial ;) Amber and I got to spend some quality girl time shopping and stocking up on cosmetics and such from Sephora and Lush while we banished Adam. We finally got back to Rochester in the evening after the roads had been cleared and had dinner a Hu Han, a Mongolian grill.

Today we had a lazy morning followed by more shopping and a wonderful dinner at a nice restaurant in town, Prescotts. We will be gathering with a group of their friends for Easter dinner tomorrow, and I will be returning home on Monday afternoon. I would post pictures, but I have yet to take any. Maybe I will rectify that tomorrow.

Happy Easter, friends!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Wish I had moves like those . . .

I started watch America's Best Dance Crew (ostensibly Randy Jackson's ABDC, but alas he is nowhere to be found) a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately for me, I came in late to the competition, but what I've seen has been amazing. AND! It's hosted by AC Slater. (I sense a theme for SBTB alums: hosting reality dance shows.)

Anywho. One of the teams is from Kokomo, Indiana. Being that we're practically neighbors and all, I'd have to support them. The thing that's amazing though, is that they dance while on roller skates. It sounds goofy, I know, but it's really breathtaking. Last week the challenge for all the teams was to recreate in their own style some of Michael Jackson's iconic dance moves, while dancing to a song from the Thriller album which celebrated it's 25th anniversary. Breaksk8 chose "Beat It." Check it out for yourself:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12 of 12

It's March 12, time for another 12 of 12. 12 of 12 is Chad Darnell's baby. You can check out what other 12 of 12ers have photographed here. I had a busy day, workwise, but I managed to take 12 photos.

7:55 am: Letting my dogs out in the backyard before I leave for work.

7:55 am: Our patio. On the left you can see remnants of the 10 inches of snow we got last Friday and Saturday.

8:00 am: My avocado seeds, previously suspended in mason jars full of water.

8:45 am: I was running late for work this morning, so I ate breakfast at my desk. I had Yoplait Blackberry Pomegranate yogurt with Cracklin' Oat Bran mixed in and my ever-present Diet Pepsi.

11:30 am: One other downfall of running late this morning was that I did not get a chance to make my lunch. I had Chik-Fil-A instead.

11:45 am: I also made a Target run on my lunch hour. I was so happy to see a new (to me, at least!) Method cleaning product. I like this brand because it is environmentally-friendly and biodegradable. I also picked up some cards for friends, as there have been two births and there is a bridal shower on Sunday afternoon.

5:50 pm: Changing my shoes before heading off to zumba. My sneakers are much more comfortable than my work shoes!

6:20 pm: The entrance to Studio Zumba. I've become a zumba addict! I attend anywhere between 3-6 classes per week.

7:45 pm: Dinner of stir fried veggies and brown rice, followed by a pita with spicy hummus. Yum!

8:00 pm: My younger brother and I took the dogs for a walk before his Spring break is up and he returns to the University of Kentucky. It was nice to spend some one-on-one time with him.

8:40 pm: Unloading my trunk. In it you can see salt to weigh down the back for better traction in winter weather, a fan that is too big for my desk at work, a donated mobile phone with no charger, and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

8:45 pm: My brother demonstrating a new kata he is learning in order to progress in the Genwakai style of karate. He is a 1st level black belt and hopes to continue to move up .

That's it for me! Hope you had a great March 12th!