Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times

I flew to Minnesota yesterday morning to visit my bff Amber and her husband Adam while her school is on Spring Break. After getting up at an obscene hour to catch my early early flight, I flew into Minneapolis/St. Paul. It snowed yesterday, and we decided to say stay in town at the Mall of America. It was such a trial ;) Amber and I got to spend some quality girl time shopping and stocking up on cosmetics and such from Sephora and Lush while we banished Adam. We finally got back to Rochester in the evening after the roads had been cleared and had dinner a Hu Han, a Mongolian grill.

Today we had a lazy morning followed by more shopping and a wonderful dinner at a nice restaurant in town, Prescotts. We will be gathering with a group of their friends for Easter dinner tomorrow, and I will be returning home on Monday afternoon. I would post pictures, but I have yet to take any. Maybe I will rectify that tomorrow.

Happy Easter, friends!

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