Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cocktails and Cumbia

Cocktails and Cumbia is a great event that Studio Zumba Ohio puts on for its patrons. It's a girls night out with wine tastings, food, friends, and of course, lots of zumba. There's an all male instructor-led class, demonstrations and instruction from specialists (belly dancing from Hanife and samba from Renata), and lots of laughter. The last Cocktails and Cumbia was held on 15 November 2008. I'm so happy I was able to go!

Cocktails and Cumbia 023

Gabriel Piriz, leading a class.

Cocktails and Cumbia 016

The male instructors following Hanife's belly dance lesson.

Cocktails and Cumbia 015

More belly dancing

Monday, November 17, 2008

Steamy Kitchen

Jaden of the Steamy Kitchen does wonderful things with modern Asian cooking. I love reading her posts (and now do so on a regular basis once I figured out RSS feeds!), but have yet to try any of her recipes. This will change in the future - I need to plan ahead and block out time in my busy schedule. She did a great post on honing your kitchen knives to keep them in top shape. This post will definitely come in handy. She's also doing an awesome giveaway - three knives from New West Knifeworks.

I want these knives. They are gorgeous. I'm gonna have to start saving for some of them.

Make sure you check out the Steamy Kitchen for a chance to win one of the knives, and stick around for Jaden's recipes!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This is a very interesting and informative quiz on what 100-calorie snacks actually look like. It's also really helpful if you want to pack your own 100-calorie snacks instead of shelling out $$ for pre-packaged stuff.

Thanks, Women's Health Magazine!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kitchen Experiment Part Deux

pacman cupcakes
Originally uploaded by hello naomi
After my failed experiment yesterday of pumpkin soup, I tried roasting the pumpkin seeds I had retrieved (quite messily) from the two little pumpkins. I used a recipe found on one of my fave food blogs, Simply Recipes. While the roasted seeds came out tasty, the experiment was a semi-failure because I did not keep a close eye on the oven (which is wonky anyway) and half the seeds burned. :(

One of my other fave food blogs, Cake Wrecks, usually shows cakes that are wrecks, as the title says. On Sundays, though, Jen showcases the outstanding works of art a talented cake decorator can create. This week, she linked to these awesome cupcakes by Hello Naomi on Flickr. If only I had that talent - these are wonderful!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kitchen Experiment

I tried a new recipe today. I've recently discovered my love of Thai food. Almost every Saturday I go to the 2nd Street Market downtown after a morning of Zumba for lunch or breakfast if I make it early enough, and order from The Little Thai House. I usually go for their Red Curry Chicken (it's divine), but this morning I had an omlette with vegetables which was oh, so yummy.

Since I've been in the mood for Thai food, I decided to try a recipe I found for Thai-spiced Pumpkin soup. I bought small pumpkins from the market, hunted down red curry paste, and roasted my pumpkins today. They were great fresh from the oven (I couldn't resist a little taste), but my soup is not so tasty. Maybe it's too thick, maybe I should have added more red curry paste, maybe I just don't like the combination of pumpkin, coconut milk, and red curry. Whatever the case may be, I have made an important discovery: Not every kitchen experiment turns out the way you anticipate. Even with this setback, I don't think I'm done experimenting in the kitchen just yet.