Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kitchen Experiment

I tried a new recipe today. I've recently discovered my love of Thai food. Almost every Saturday I go to the 2nd Street Market downtown after a morning of Zumba for lunch or breakfast if I make it early enough, and order from The Little Thai House. I usually go for their Red Curry Chicken (it's divine), but this morning I had an omlette with vegetables which was oh, so yummy.

Since I've been in the mood for Thai food, I decided to try a recipe I found for Thai-spiced Pumpkin soup. I bought small pumpkins from the market, hunted down red curry paste, and roasted my pumpkins today. They were great fresh from the oven (I couldn't resist a little taste), but my soup is not so tasty. Maybe it's too thick, maybe I should have added more red curry paste, maybe I just don't like the combination of pumpkin, coconut milk, and red curry. Whatever the case may be, I have made an important discovery: Not every kitchen experiment turns out the way you anticipate. Even with this setback, I don't think I'm done experimenting in the kitchen just yet.

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