Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kitchen Experiment Part Deux

pacman cupcakes
Originally uploaded by hello naomi
After my failed experiment yesterday of pumpkin soup, I tried roasting the pumpkin seeds I had retrieved (quite messily) from the two little pumpkins. I used a recipe found on one of my fave food blogs, Simply Recipes. While the roasted seeds came out tasty, the experiment was a semi-failure because I did not keep a close eye on the oven (which is wonky anyway) and half the seeds burned. :(

One of my other fave food blogs, Cake Wrecks, usually shows cakes that are wrecks, as the title says. On Sundays, though, Jen showcases the outstanding works of art a talented cake decorator can create. This week, she linked to these awesome cupcakes by Hello Naomi on Flickr. If only I had that talent - these are wonderful!

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Anonymous said...

I love the pacman cupcake theme! Only I would make it Ms Pacman! :-)