Monday, September 15, 2008

Remnants of Ike

Ike 001
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You wouldn't think that Hurricane Ike would hit Ohio, being that we border Canada, and it hit Texas pretty hard, but you would be wrong. We didn't get any rain (at least in my part of SW Ohio), but we did get the worst windstorm in 20 years. Trees are down all over. This is one of my neighbor's houses. My office actually closed, so I'm at Panera checking my email and such, because we are one of the 300,000 in the area without power. Our power went out Sunday around 2:30. It was an interesting night. I'm happy that my dad is such an outdoorsman, because we had good lighting with all the Coleman camping lamps we have.

We didn't have any trees down, but a big limb did come down and hit my dad's car. Fortunately, there was minimal damage--a dent, but nothing serious.

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