Tuesday, August 21, 2007

And that's why we leave things to the professionals . . .

We have had a clogged kitchen sink here at Casa de Willis since Sunday. It had been draining slowly for a while, but backed up completely this weekend. Apparently, my parents discussed calling the plumbers, but neither of them did so. My dad was under the assumption that I was going to call the plumbers, but failed to inform me that he had given this task to me. It was a comedy of errors in communication all around. This evening, my mom had the brilliant idea that we (meaning my dad) should take care of it ourselves instead of paying someone else to do so, as it was only 1 sink that was backed up.

Probably not her best idea to date.

My dad and I took a trip to the nearest Lowes to pick up a snake among other various items (he has decided to build his own tarp shelter instead of buying a pop-up one--boggles my mind). We returned home, and started the home repair project around 8:30 ish. When I say we, I mean he started the project. I came into the picture later on. When the various snaking didn't get the job done (this time with Elizabeth-participation!), instead of wisely coming to the decision that this was a bigger job than we could handle and calling it a day, my dad decided to soldier on. He had a manic gleam in his eye--he was going to beat this clogged pipe or die trying.
I bet he regretted that decision when the stinky black gunk started coming out of the pipe in the basement that connects to the kitchen sink drain. Eventually, two hours from the start of this project, my dad had emerged victorious from his battle with the clogged drain/pipe. We didn't look like victors, as we were covered in stinky black gunk water--him more so than me.

And that, children, is why you should know when to leave things to the professionals.

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Rebekah and Petr said...

Ew, yuck! We've had to clean out our pipes in the kitchen recently, too - not a pretty sight (nor fragrant either). When are you coming back to Prague? Ever?
- Rebekah