Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Voyage to Cape Canaveral

I believe I promised some pictures from my trip to Cape Canaveral, Florida earlier this month. Here they are!

My friend Marie (from Irish dancing) and I took a trip to visit another friend who had moved to Florida.

This is a view from the trip back to Orlando to fly back to hot, muggy, ocean-less Ohio.

One of the lifeguard stations on the beach. I never saw any lifeguards, though.

The Atlantic Ocean. How gorgeous!

We were fortunate enough to be at Cape Canaveral for the Shuttle Endeavor to launch. We were about 35 miles from the launch site, so we saw this instead of an up-close and personal view of the shuttle. Nevertheless, it was an experience I'll never forget.

Beach essentials: Sunblock, reading material, and Diet Coke. I reapplied several times and still got burnt! (I was the same shade as when I got burnt at the Prague Marathon!)

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Rebekah and Petr said...

Ooh, the beach!! I'm looking forward to having a beach vacation next summer. :) We're moving to the States on 24 October - soon! I totally understand your financial situation. Prague's not good for ours either...hence, the transatlantic move. Hope to see you USA side soon.