Sunday, September 9, 2007

New Beginnings

Happy September, blogworld! There have been some developments in my life lately, and coincidentally the start date for both of them is tomorrow!

I start my new job tomorrow morning--I'll be working for a company doing some formatting and editing documents. I'm very excited about this new position, as I'll be working with a friend from my dance class, and I'll be receiving benefits. Yes, for the first time in my professional life, I will be working a full-time job that offers benefits--before all of my positions had been part-time or full-time without benefits, so this is very exciting! healthcare, paid leave, I can't wait :)

Secondly, tomorrow night begins another year of lessons (for adults, at least--youth classes started last week) at the Celtic Academy, and I'm teaching the new beginner class! I'm very excited about this prospect as well. Things are starting to fall into place for me.


Mike Smith said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Hope the new job goes well.
I guess Prague was a temporary experience fror both of us, but it was one I wouldn't have missed for anything.
It was nice to have met with you and worked with you.


Carrie said...

HI Elizabeth... so I guess this means you are not coming back to Prague. Bummer man. I can't believe we never said goodbye. Good luck with picking life back up in the states. take care, Carrie