Friday, October 12, 2007

October 12 of 12

It's been a few months since I've participated in 12 of 12, and my location has changed from Prague to Ohio, but I thought I'd give it a go:

This was around 7 this morning, as I had to throw the frisbee for Toby. He's a little OCD about it. Whenever anyone comes in the outside door, he frantically searches for the frisbee so that you can throw it for him.

7:15 am While outside with Toby, I really liked the picture the stained glass in the upstairs bathroom made in the dawn.

7:30 am My mom feeding the dogs pieces of her peanut butter toast breakfast. It's a ritual with them.

8:30-ish Driving to work. Photographing whilst driving was not my best idea.

6:15 pm Outside the Cheescake Factory at the Greene shopping center. I met up with some friends to celebrate a birthday. Girls Dinner Out :)

7:00 pm A shot of an empty bread plate at the table.

7:15 pm Part of the ceiling at the Cheesecake Factory. It's blurry, but when I used my flash, you weren't able to see the beautiful color of the glass.

7:45 My friend with her colorful drink. I think it's called a Georgia Peach.

8:00 pm Apparently we weren't the only ones there celebrating a birthday. I think that at least two other tables were serenaded by the servers, and I saw multiple parties with gifts.

8:30 pm The birthday girl. Her birthday cheesecake is of the Snickers variety.

8:30 pm My cheesecake was the Brownie one. It was very rich--I had to take most of it home in a box!

10:00 pm Home and off of my feet after a long day. There's Toby again, sitting on the couch with me.


Dogeared said...

Nice photos - mmmm, I really want some cheesecake now!

Helen, 12 of 12er, Devon

Zippy said...

Nice toenail color - I like that!

I like the photo of the bathroom window - very cool!

Poun said...

hmmm cheesecake !!

and that was a very colorful drink ! loved it !

Anonymous said...

Doggies!! SO cute!!

And yummy cheesecake!!

~Sheryl said...

My OCD dogs toy of choice is the ball. He does the same thing... that frantic search. I once went outside to find him playing with the meter-reader guy. lol

Looks like a yummy day.