Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week 3 Update - 10 in 10

I'm watching the Golden Globes with my feet up because they ache from a 90 minute Zumbathon to raise money for earthquake relief in Haiti this morning (it was wonderful - thanks to Studio Zumba!), 45 minutes of a capella hard shoe class for Irish dance (that's where the blisters came from!), and 45 minutes of the Zumba class I taught following my dance class.

My goals for the 10 in 10 challenge are:

Food Goals:
  • Cook more, eat out less - I have been noshing on a giant batch of veggie chili all week and had a yummy portabello mushroom cap with balsamic vinegar for dinner tonight.
  • Bring lunch to work every day - Mission accomplished
  • Only eat meat at one meal each day - Planning is a must in order to accomplish this, but I've stayed on track.
  • No more soda - I haven't even been craving it!
  • track food - I use a neat application for my iPod, "Tap & Track". Some days I'm better at this than others.

Fitness goals:
  • Train for a Half Marathon in May - I have yet to resume running, mostly because of the snow. I haven't been slacking on my exercise, though - I am active each day with dance class, Zumba, or lifting.
My goal for this week of 17 January 2010 is to resume running. I've got to make myself get up and out of bed so I can go before work because I have no time in the evenings.

I'd love to hear from other 10 in 10 participants - even if you're not blogging about it!


amber said...

Way to go! I know you can get back to the running as well. Just think of the runner's high that will bring you through your day :-).

kristin said...

i envy you in the soda dept. i am soooo hooked right now. it is a huge bummer. great work

Elizabeth said...

You can do it, kristin! I found it wasn't too hard, and I don't even crave it now.