Saturday, May 12, 2007

Why so sad, emo kid?

It's been a long time since I've updated--things have gotten very hectic here in Prague 2. :)

Last weekend, Sunny, Dot and I saw Spiderman 3. Sunny commented on the movie most elegantly in her blog, so go read up on her take. I made a comment during and after the movie that seems to have baffled my friends (I tend to do that a lot lately), I said that Spiderman had emo hair when he was wearing the black suit.

Dot didn't know what emo meant or what emo hair was, so I have turned to the great Wikipedia to enlighten her. :)
Here is what the wiki entry had to say: Emo is a slang term used to describe a range of fashion styles and attitudes somewhat affiliated with emo music and its related scene. As an adjective, emo can describe a style of fashion or music, or a general state of unhappiness or melancholy (as in to "feel emo"). Emo is also used as a noun, often pejoratively, to identify a member of the "emo scene" or someone viewed as fitting the "emo" stereotype easily being characterized by a straightened side-part hairstyle covering one eye.

Here is Peter Parker with his normal hair, and here is a picture of Spiderman/Peter Parker after donning the black suit:

And here is a picture from the Wiki entry on emo, describing "typical male" emo hair as black with long bangs brushed to the side. Hey, except for the color, that could describe my hair!

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Brooke Edge said...

This was very educational, thank you! And I love the visual aids... :)