Wednesday, June 13, 2007

12 of 12 - June

This is my first foray into Chad's 12 of 12 project, so I hope it turns out well!

7:55 am: Muzeum tram stop
I missed my tram this morning on my way to teach my first class of the day. This isn't a problem, because the distance is quite walkable . I was cutting it a bit close, so this picture was kind of taken on the fly. Looking out over the horizon between the Muzeum metro (down to the left, sadly not visible in this picture) and Hlavni Nadrazi (the main train station) down to the right (also not visible) with a lovely Vodafone billboard in the upper left corner.

7:58 (approx) am: outside the building the company I teach at is located (that was worded very awkwardly)
I wanted to catch a glimpse of my favorite shoes. I bought these in Glasgow around Easter for 10 pounds ($20) and I am wearing them out. I've already broken the soles!

9:35 am: Muzeum metro
On my way to my friends' flat via the A metro (or the green line). I was a little rushed for time while taking this shot, so it's not lined up very straight.

9:45 am: Hradcanska metro escalator
On my way out of the metro, just before missing the bus. That seemed to be the running theme to my day--just a minute too late.

12:00 pm: Women's Bible Study group
This was the last official meeting for our Women's Bible Study before we go on break for the summer. Incidentally, this was the first time I had ever used the timer on my camera. Not too bad, if I say so myself!

12:15 pm: bus stop in Bubanec
My entertainment while I waited for the bus to take me back to the metro station so I could get home for some lunch. I'm trying to re-read all 6 Harry Potter books in anticipation for the 7th and final book to come out next month. Also, I wanted to refresh my memory on the happenings in the Order of The Phoenix before I see the movie adaptation when I'm back home in Ohio for the summer.

12:45 pm: Bohemia Bagel stand near my flat
I got my standard at BoBagel for lunch: Turkey and Swiss on a Tomato Basil bagel. This place has come to mean comfort food for me. It's the closest thing to home (not counting the numerous KFCs and McDonalds). Plus, their tomato soup is awesome!

4:10 pm: tram from namesti Miru to I P Pavlova
Hopped the tram to catch the metro so that I would have enough time to travel to my 2nd (and last!) class of the day

4:20ish pm: Red line (line C) metro somewhere between Vysehrad and Pankrac stops
I really like this action shot from my metro ride to my lesson. I felt very weird and stalker-ish taking photos all day long, and as I can't speak Czech, I couldn't really explain myself. Ah, well. I know that this photo and the previous one are very similar, but I swear they're different places! This is from the underground, and the previous photo was taken aboveground!

6:30ish pm: Lhotka (Prague 4)
I hadn't been out to teach at this company for a few weeks, so it was kind of a shock to see the block of Soviet-era flats again. Especially the crazy half-painted building.

8:00 pm: My flat
My roomie's boyfriend came over so that we could cook dinner for him as a thank you for the delicious pizzas he made us last weekend. We started the meal off with a bottle of Modry Portugal that I had bought for our pizza night but we never got around to opening it. I must say that I enjoy the Modry Portugal best of all the red wines I've tried here (not that I've tried too many, I can't read the labels after all!)

8:30 pm: my kitchen
This is the lovely tomato & mozerella quiche I made for dinner. I know it looks pizza-like, but it really is quiche. Much thanks to my French friend for providing the recipe!

So that's it. My first 12 of 12 is over. I can't wait for next month--I'll be back in the states, so it will be interesting for my Prague friends to see a bit of my hometown!


Anonymous said...

Great pics! And welcome to the 12 of 12 family!

God...that quiche looks delicious!! I am SOOOO hungry. :(

Anonymous said...

Welcome to 12 of 12! Nice photos, they give a real sense of real life in Prague, not just the tourist stuff :-) I'd like to go there one day!

Helen, Devon (12 of 12er)

SeƱora CC said...

Excellent first 12 of 12!
What do you teach over there, English?
I am living in Spain. We are planning to visit Prague in December - any suggestions? That quiche looks fabulous.
Great post.
~ CC

CondoBlogger said...

Cool shots... I actually think the wierd "soviet era" block is pretty cool looking! The museum station looks a lot like a station we have in Atlanta called Peachtree Center... even the long escalator looks similar.

Looking forward to your next 12 of 12!

FrauP said...

Welcome to "12 of 12" !!!

Very nice pics!!!


Pete said...

Those pictures are great, welcome to the 12 of 12 family :)