Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pubbing it, Prague Style

Last night, my roomie Alice, her boyfriend Jay, one of Jay's Czech friends, and I took in the U Vejvodu pub in Old Town. It's such a misleading building from the outside. At first glance, you'd think that it would be very small and cramped inside, like a typical small bar. You'd be wrong. Apparently, U Vejvodu consists of two gothic cellars that originally belonged to two separate buildings. It can seat 400 people total, divided into 3 parts. There is a restaurant that seats 320, a Czech Alehouse/Pub (where we sat last night) that seats 60, and a salon that seats 20.

We sat to the left of the bar here--it looks like a beer brewing vat! I wasn't a big beer drinker in the States (which could be due in part to the fact that American beer is horrible), and I'm not so much one here either but I have to say the quality and quantity of beer in the Czech Republic is awesome. The typical beer size is 1/2 a liter. Now, U Vejvodu is kind of touristy, so things are more expensive here than they would be in other parts of Prague, but one beer was around 30 Czech crowns, the equivalent to $1.50. For 1/2 a liter of beer. Craziness!

I think that I will bring my parents here when they arrive in 11 (!) days. I can't wait :)

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