Sunday, March 18, 2007


For the non-Gaelic speakers out there, Slainte (Slan-cha) is the toast you say when drinking. :)

Last night, we ( Sunny, Red and I ) went to Pasticka to meet some friends for St. Patrick's Day. It's not exactly an Irish pub, but it did have Guinness on tap, which was what counted.

It was an odd sort of St. Patrick's Day for me. I didn't dance at all, I didn't have my shamrock garland on, and there was no Irish music at the pub. Instead, we were treated to Rammstein all night long. hmmm. I kept imagining the song, "One of These Things Is Not Like the Other." But I was with good friends, and we had good fun, which is what is important.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy St. Patrick's day!

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